Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir performing ‛Lullaby’ alongside Jason Singh as part of ‛A Night at the Theatre — A Sleepover’ at the Royal Exchange Theatre Photo: Joel Chester Fildes Photography

Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir performing ‛Lullaby’ alongside Jason Singh as part of ‛A Night at the Theatre — A Sleepover’ at the Royal Exchange Theatre
Photo: Joel Chester Fildes Photography


Adje Yano

A traditional Serbian folk song with modernised anti-war lyrics that translate to: Come on Jane, let’s dance the Kolo / Come on Jane, let’s stop the fighting / Come on Jane, let’s put the guns away / Come on Jane, let’s search for happiness.



Dona Nobis Pacem

A three-part round in Latin meaning: Grant us Peace. Its words form a phrase taken from the Agnus Dei section of the Roman Catholic mass.



Bolo Ram

This is a Hindu Bhajan in praise of the Lord Ram and asking us to waste no more time, set aside worldly ambitions and focus on the ideal of Lord Ram.



Down to the River to Pray

A traditional American song also described as a Christian folk hymn, an African-American spiritual, an Appalachian song, and a gospel song, believed to have been composed by an African-American slave.



E Malama

This is a Hawaiian earth blessing which translates as: Yes, we will take care of this sacred space.



Ecumenical Palestinian Medley

The Palestinian ecumenical medley includes three songs: ‘Ya Nabi Mousa’ which means: O’ Prophet Moses… Whoever visits your shrine / Is a lucky pilgrim indeed. ‘Ya Adra Ya Imm el-Nour’ which means: O’ Virgin Mother of Light… May God’s peace reign over you. ‘Il-Hamdillah’ which means: Praise God that evil is no more. Collated and arranged by Reem Kelani.


Eli Eli (My God, My God)

A Hebrew prayer based on a poem written by Hannah Szenes, whose courageous attempt to rescue Hungarian Jews during WWII was thwarted. While imprisoned, she kept others’ spirits up through prayerful songs such as this one, focusing on the earth’s natural beauty.



Ella’s Song

This is a song by all women’s group ‘Sweet Honey on the Rock’, calling for freedom.




Fire was written for the Sacred Sounds Women's Choir in 2015 by percussionist/composer Renu Hossain as part of a larger piece depicting all the elements of earth.




This is a Jewish song in Hebrew meaning: ‘Let me hear your voice, for your voice is beautiful’. It could be taken to mean your voice in prayer.



Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

A popular Hebrew folk song often performed at Jewish celebrations and events, usually before the Shabbat meal. It is based on a Shabbat hymn wishing peace to the ‘ministering angels’ and the ‘peace angels’.



Highways and Hedges

An Appalachian folk song from America.



Hinei Ma Tov

A popular Jewish hymn whose lyrics are the first verse of Psalm 133: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!



Jubilate Deo

A Latin round meaning: Rejoice, God be praised!



Keep You in Peace

Based on a Celtic blessing.



Let Your Little Light Shine

A Christian gospel song.




Lullaby was a specially commissioned piece co-written by Beth Allen and Jason Singh to be performed by Singh with Sacred Sounds choir in the beautiful setting of the Royal Exchange Theatre as part of the one-off event — ‘A Night at the Theatre — A Sleepover’.




An Islamic song meaning: Help me Oh Lord.



Madho Hum Aise Tu Aisa

This Sikh shabad loosely translated from Sanskrit means: Thou Oh Creator art immaculate, we are worthless and you are the great giver.



Neck of the Woods

Beth Allen and Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir were invited to compose a new soundscape to accompany Neck of the Woods for Manchester International Festival. The choir learnt special vocal techniques to enable them to create a woodland soundscape including birds, insects and wolf howling, that they then performed live by the choir during MIF15.


Raakhaa eaek Hamaaraa

This peace chant is in Sanskrit and translates as: May there be well-being in all, peace in all, fulfillment in all, auspiciousness in all. Peace, Peace, Peace. It starts with the sound to represent the universe ‘OM’.



Raakhaa eaek Hamaaraa

A Sikh shabad meaning: The one Lord, my Lord and Master, is my protector.



Shai Lillah

A Sufi song from Afro-Kuwaiti tradition, meaning: Grant us Strength. Collated and arranged by Reem Kelani.



Sharveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu

A Shanti mantra used to invoke harmony and tranquility.



Simple Gifts

A Shaker song written and composed in 1848.



TSungachudvum Sumvadudvum

A Hindu song meaning: Let us walk together, speak together, think and pray together.



Tola‘al badru ‘Alaina

An ancient Islamic song known as a nashīd or chant.



Visiting the Prophet

Ya Raayhin en-Nabi is a Palestinian song which translates as: Those of you visiting the Prophet’s Shrine / Take me in your caravan / I’m neither as heavy as iron / Nor will I burden you with children / Bring me a quill… And I’ll write letter upon letter / About what I had and have no more. Collated and arranged by Reem Kelani.



Wade in the Water

This is a medley of four Gospel Spirituals originating from the deep south of America, during the times when slavery was commonplace.



White Tara

A Buddhist mantra associated with long life, often chanted with a particular person in mind.