Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir — Moving Forward / April 2016
Film: Annie Woodson

The Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir brings together women to explore and celebrate the many languages, cultures and religions which are represented across Greater Manchester.

We welcome women of all ages, faiths, cultures and backgrounds to join us in our journey to promote peace, compassion and understanding through song and silence.


In a world where people can often feel isolated in their own racial, cultural or faith communities, Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir is a liberating and uplifting breeze that offers hope for a better way of being human. The first time I heard this choir of women from Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Hindu and other faith backgrounds singing together was during the Manchester International Festival and it made the hairs on my arms dance and my heart soar with an unamenable joy. The choir really is a wonderful presence in our city.


Rev. David Gray
Servant Leader,
Progressive Christian Alliance UK